OMG! This Man Gets 10 Google Pixel 3 For FREE Instead Of A Refund

The tech giant Google is not a hardware company, as its business sector is focused on software, the internet, and advertising. However, in recent years the company, of course, the tech giant Google has been successfully focusing on producing handsets, intelligent speakers, and other intelligent devices. But the fact is that every event makes us remind that this is not the company, of course, the tech giant Google’s main activity, as recently an uncertainty has given $10,000 (Rs. 7 lakh in India) in smartphones to a user who just wanted a refund. Also Read: Is Lucky Patcher Safe? Everything You Need To Know About Lucky Patcher Recently, a Reddit user known as Cheetohz told the case on the platform, where he explained that he bought a defective Google Pixel 3 and was talking to the tech giant Google to get his money back and return the device. However, by that time, a series of strange events have happened. As the user explained that first, he returned the device and asked for his refund. However, he only received $80 back regarding the sales tax, but the tech giant Google did not return the $900 worth of the device. After complaining, he did not receive the money back; however, instead of the refund, the tech giant Google sent him 10 units of the Pixel 3s (128 GB of storage) worth $10,000 (Rs. 7 lakh in India). As United States law is evident in this respect, you may not be required to return products that are shipped to you, so the smartphones are legally the user’s property now, so he could easily store or sell them. Also, Read the Top 10 Best TikTok Alternatives For Android & iOS. However, the guy turned to Reddit to get attention to his case and contact the tech giant Google to return the smartphones and get a conventional refund. However, the technique worked. The tech giant Google contacted him privately to return the values ​​and combine a method for producing those smartphones. As the young man explained in a second post on Reddit, finally, the tech giant Google returned the money to him through credits on Google Fi; of course, it is the company’s well-known phone operator, so he probably will not have to worry about his plan bill for a few months. So, what do you think about this? Share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below. And if you liked this post, do not forget to share this post with your friends and family.