According to the local news, Jason Colon, of course, the owner of the tech giant Apple’s AirPod headphones was listening to music at the gym when “white smoke started coming out.” As soon as he realized the problem, he immediately removed the right side of the tech giant Apple’s AirPods, dumped it into the training equipment, and called for help. When he returned, he noticed that the headset was broken. The owner of the tech giant Apple’s AirPod headphones, of course, Jason Colon declares that he did not see the gadget explode, but it is possible to notice that the right side was completely damaged, probably by a flame, while the left remained intact:

This is the first time we see a public report of an explosion of AirPods, the tech giant Apple’s popular wireless headphones but electronics that catch fire are an old problem – in addition to the Galaxy Note 7 saga, we have the case of a wireless headset that exploded during a flight. If you have a battery, you are at risk and if it’s in the ear, then of course, it is worse. However, the tech giant Apple says it has already started the investigating the case and promises that soon the tech giant Apple will contact the user or the owner of the tech giant Apple’s AirPod headphones. So, what do you think about this incident? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.