In the age of automation and cloud technologies, it makes sense that there are tools out there that can take some of the load off the shoulders of these IT pros and companies looking to reduce spending. Among them, it’s tough to find an example as comprehensive and helpful as Auvik, an easy, efficient, and scalable network management platform.  With Auvik, those of you who are in charge of overseeing your employer’s, company’s, or client’s network will enjoy true network visibility and control within an hour of starting. Auvik gives users remote access to real-time network mapping, so you can see everything happening across all of your networks and locations on a single dashboard. With this point of reference, experts using Auvik can then proactively manage and monitor issues that could directly affect business operations, productivity, and even the bottom line. A simple and reasonably priced solution, Auvik’s continuous updates help IT teams focus on managing networks and not tools. Because of the long-run cost-saving and time-saving benefits of this all-in-one solution, it’s been trusted by a range of big-name brands including Cisco, Dell, and Meraki.  On top of saving time, Auvik adds features like Auvik TrafficInsights™, which enhances NetFlow data using machine learning, showing users who are using their network, how visitors are behaving, and where traffic is flowing. Users have also praised its network equipment backup features and fast restorations.  Nobody knows better than those who work in tech what it’s like to get bogged down in site and network maintenance. When tools are difficult to use, fragmented, and complicated, they can often lose their value as time savers. So with that in mind, it’s worth listening when pros like Dwayne L. from Capterra write a 5-star review saying, “Auvik paid for itself within the first month of implementation as it helped identify issues that could have taken days to troubleshoot.” Auvik’s also earned 4.5/5 stars on IT Central Station.  Save on hiring more skilled professionals, or network monitoring yourself. Deploy Auvik and discover its value in minutes while freeing up more bandwidth for your IT needs and business strategies. Visit Auvik’s website to request a free trial and learn more.