First released in India, the app was created to automatically sort through your messages and filter out unwanted (spam) messages. Additionally, the app includes features that are designed to organize your personal finance and travel arrangements as well. Microsoft’s key focus when it comes to mobile tech is creating a stronger bond between Android phones and Windows 10. The SMS Organizer app was made to do just that. We’ll tell you all about the app and how it can make your life easier overall.

What can the SMS Organizer do for you?

Think of Microsoft’s SMS Organizer as a personal assistant for your text messages. The app acts as both a spam-blocker and a scheduling system on your phone.

It relies heavily on machine learning in order to filter out any unwanted spam messages. What makes the app even more helpful is how it sorts through incoming text messages by categories like promotional, transactional and personal. The best part is, you’ll no longer receive a push notification alert every time you get a spam message. You can choose to have the contents in your spam folder automatically deleted once every few days or weeks. It’s also built to work well even offline, so you don’t need an internet connection of any kind in order to use the app. Much like Apple’s iMessage, the app detects more urgent or time-sensitive events such as flights or train rides for your travel needs. You can also store tickets, receive upcoming travel reminders and even keep track of pending bills/payments in your bank account. There’s even a separate folder that offers you available deals, coupons and discounts. The SMS organizer allows you to back up and restore text messages on Google Drive as well, which is definitely a handy tool for freeing up storage space or if you happen to lose your phone or upgrade to a new one. If you’ve backed up your messages, you have the ability to restore them on another device with the app installed. Wanna give the SMS Organizer a try? Tap or click the link inside the blue box below to download the app from Google Play. Or, click or tap here.