Internet began to smoke last week when the first signs of existence of what would be a new Nokia 3310 began to appear, that famous smartphone that we have all had in our hands at least once in our hand, protagonist of millions of “memes” and deprived of making us spend the hours dead playing the classic “snake” game on it. A couple of weeks ago we knew the first details of the new Nokia 3310, which would inherit from its predecessor (with more than 16 years of history), a hyper-resistant housing as well as a great autonomy. Similarly, the price of the mobile phone is said to be below $60, assuming a whole “treat” for lovers of “retro”.

First Features of the Nokia 3310

In addition to those first details, today we have been able to know that what would be the first features of the Nokia 3310. According to one of the sources that anticipated the revival of the mythical Nokia phone, the device will have the following features:-

It will not be a smartphone: Yes, many people expected that new Nokia 3310 would be an Android smartphone. In fact, the design and operation of the device would be virtually identical to the model launched to the market back in 2000. Changes in weight and thickness: Although the design of the Nokia 3310 will not look very different from the original phone, the logical evolution in the components of the same make the device thinner and lighter than its predecessor. Larger color screen: The youngsters will be surprised to discover that the original Nokia 3310 was launched with a monochrome screen 84 x 84 pixels resolution. Now Nokia will equip the modern version of 3310 with a slightly larger color display, and this detail would keep intact one of the signs of identity of the phone, the battery life. Interchangeable Housings: The original Nokia 3310 came on the market in gray, black and ash blue. However, as in the past, users were able to exchange housings for a variety of components developed by third parties. However, now the phone would also arrive in a red, green and yellow variant.

Everything indicates that we can see this new Nokia 3310 next February 26 from 16:30 pm, set for Nokia to show their new phones within the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, with Nokia 8 as the main leader of the event.