Now, according to the latest leaks, the tech giant Google could soon launch a brand new service, yes, the tech giant Google to launch the all-new Google Pass, a subscription service in the tech giant Google’s app store, of course, the Google Play Store. In order to offer an option to its customers to install applications safely, the tech giant Google includes in the system the Play Store, a very complete application store for the well-known and the most used mobile operating system, of course, the tech giant Google’s Android OS. In recent years there have been many changes that this application store has registered, always aiming to improve its user experience, to offer greater security and to provide more and more quality content to all its users. Hence, very soon the tech giant Google will introduce its all-new service, of course, as we told earlier, Google Pass which will work as a subscription system in the tech giant Google’s app store, of course, Play Store.

This new feature was discovered in June this year when an XDA user, using the Xposed Framework on the Play Store, discovered a function disabled with the Google Pass name. Although at the time the activation of this function did not have a practical effect, it made it possible to perceive the intended purpose. This theme was revived recently when a colleague of the user who initially discovered this existence received in an inquiry the opinion request about a subscription service with the assumed name of “Pass“.

Although it is not known when it will be implemented, as for now, it is known that it will allow access to the great content of paid applications through a monthly, undisclosed subscription. This may be a plus for anyone who wants easy access to paid content and is expected to be implemented in a short time in the tech giant Google’s application store, of course, the Play Store. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.