The South Korean giant Samsung is now committed to making Note 9 the most wanted smartphone and for that, it has published the history of the Galaxy Note series … but deleted the Galaxy Note 7, yes, it is true.

Galaxy Note – a series without competition

After a two-week pre-order window, the latest top-of-the-line product has hit the markets. At the gates of the launch of the new elements of the tech giant Apple, the South Korean giant Samsung intensifies the battle to win the largest number of users by the end of 2019. It’s an exciting time for Galaxy Note buyers and longtime fans of the series because as expected, the Galaxy Note 9 brings a ton of cutting-edge technology. S Pen is back and now it more useful. The new Note 9 features an Infinity display and advanced configuration for its dual camera. Based on the Android 8.1 Oreo with the Samsung Experience UI, there is really no area where every day Galaxy Note 9 does not stand out. Even for the $1000, you will have to shell out to buy it.

The interrupted history of one of the most notable pocket machines

With the global launch, the South Korean giant Samsung has posted an item covering the Galaxy Note series and its history. The series, which was introduced in 2011, and always pushed the boundaries of mobile devices. It was the device that always put productivity first, as well as the longevity of the hardware. But speaking of hardware, the company one day made a mistake. See this Samsung infographic and then we will explain:-

Between 2015 and 2017, the infographic does not have a Galaxy Note. The story jumps from Galaxy Note 5 to Galaxy Note 8, not to mention that there was, in fact, a product announced in 2016. That year, the South Korean giant Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 7, which was eventually taken off the market after a major scandal that marked the company and the mobile device segment. Several units were convicted of the battery explosion. The Galaxy Note 7 was actually collected twice because even after the initial investigation and recall some units continued to ignite. The top flagship of 2016, of course, the Galaxy Note 7 was banned on flights and elsewhere by various government agencies because of potential damage. We can not forget that in terms of performance the Galaxy Note 7 was the best of its generation, it brought to the market performance, durability and qualities that the market was not used to. It is understood, however, that at the commercial level the product is ignored and erased of any material generated by the company. However, there will always be a strong brand in the Galaxy Note series identity.

What made the Galaxy Note 7 positive?

In fact, the world of smartphones has improved substantially. Entities have forced manufacturers to redouble their care in the safety chapter of batteries and other components. The examples generated with the concern of incidents with a smartphone forced the manufacturers to listen more to their customers.

— SamsungMobile.News | Max (@Samsung_News_) August 2, 2019 The South Korean giant Samsung also made good use of the months and years following the incident. Hence, now the South Korean giant Samsung continues to dominate, sending more smartphones globally than any other brand. As for the Galaxy Note series, the Galaxy Note 9 seems to have bet more on advertising, to confront face to face the flagship smartphones of the competitor and prepared its arrival, with several videos to “point” weaknesses competition against its strong trumps. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.