Well, those pop-up ads to generate revenue are the most irritating thing you can ever face. These torrent sites rely on the online advertisement for their revenue. However, Skytorrents is one of those websites which promises to serve torrents to users without showing up any ads. Skytorrents website appeared a few months ago and it serves the users by keeping itself ad-free and promising to respect the privacy of the users. The site says: “This is a clean, ad-free, privacy-focused torrent search engine. Like Google/Yahoo but just for torrents (at least for now). This project is still under heavy development. Feedback is welcome, please report any problems or bugs.” While talking to TorrentFreak, Skytorrents operator said “The site will remain ad-free or it will shut down. When our funds dry up, we will go for donations”. If we talk about the privacy, Skytorrents users won’t need to create any account to access the torrent files. Skytorrents website doesn’t either use any JavaScript. Use of any CDN, moderators, cookies, etc. is avoided. Reports from TorrentFreak also says “there is also a separate tool that “confirms” torrents to be genuine. While 99% of the torrents are spam-free already, for “genuine” torrents this goes up to nearly 100%.” TorrentFreak says right now there are 12,645,486 torrents listed on the sites. So, what do you think about this new site? Share your opinion in the comment box below.