There are all kinds of technological innovations that improve your productivity. But when it comes to note-taking, in most cases, we still use pen and paper just like we did 50 years ago. Wish there was a 21st-century option? Well, good news, there is. And it’s discounted right now to only $151.05, so it’s very affordable too. The NEWYES Smart Pen and LCD Pad are ideal for business people, students, graphic designers, and anyone else who’s ever put pen to paper. It eliminates the need for heavy paper notepads, and you won’t have to transcribe your notes later, reducing paper waste and saving time for more critical projects You use the Smart Pen like you would any other ballpoint. The difference is that this pen connects to your phone and records your movements to make digital copies of everything you write, print instantly, or draw. It also features handwriting recognition and Myscript technology, which can turn messy writing into easily readable text. What’s even better is that the pen is fully functional even when offline. Use this Smart Pen as you would usually, and it saves your work for you. Then, when you connect to your phone later, you can sync everything up. In addition, the pen can sense 360° of movement, the system lets you easily search for notes by keyword or tag, and it’ll even save your notes to the cloud to always be available. If you need to take notes for work, school, or any other purpose – and dislike the inefficiency of paper and pen — then this is a great modern alternative. The package includes the NEWYES Smart Pen, an LCD pad, three notebooks, plus extra ink refills. And it’s on sale for $151.05 for a limited time, making it an easy investment.