What makes this device special? Among other things, the phone has the face of Vladimir Putin bathed in gold. There is nothing. In addition, and in case this seems to you little, the back also includes a small inscription with the Russian national anthem, while in the front the main button has the country’s coat of arms. Other details of interest are that the phone is shipped in a beautiful wooden box covered with black velvet. It’s another bullshit, yes, but there goes part of the price that costs: 1690 dollars, that is, the price of about 30 units of Nokia 3310.

Are there any special specifications?

Presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, this new version of the 3310 features a design similar to the original in ‘candy bar.’ The dimensions of the screen respect the namesake, as well as having a physical keyboard and an operating system very similar to Symbian which is actually based on Java. “The mobile phone has a rear camera, an audio minijack and microUSB charging system, and as we see it is outlined as a phone just to talk and send SMS, with a battery that you might not have wanted to go into detail, but that with an autonomy that will allow “22 hours of conversation and a whole month of duration in Stand By mode”. So, what do you think about this extraordinary Nokia 3310? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.