Also: These are my 5 must-have devices for work travel now Instead, the more sustainable solution is a card that transfers your contact information to someone’s phone digitally, like the Linq card. I’ve been testing one for the past few weeks and it’s easily risen to the top of my everyday carry, especially during business meetings. Here’s why you should buy one, too.  The Linq business card has the same physical appearance as a regular business card but with a major difference: it can share your contact information with others with a simple phone tap. To enable the tap-sharing feature, the card uses a near-field communication (NFC) chip, which is the same technology that powers everyday tasks like making in-store purchases with your smartphone. Most devices have NFC reading capabilities, but for those that don’t, you can still easily share your information by having the person scan the QR code on the back of the card (shown below) instead. Once the person taps the card or scans the QR code, they are presented with your Linq profile. You are prompted to create this profile via the Linq app when you first activate your card. The best part is that it’s highly customizable, including the layout of your bio page, what social media platforms and links are presented, and even a profile picture for reference.  I find the ability to save contacts particularly useful, given that I’m frequently meeting with different companies and new people. When scanned, the recipient has the ability to add my contact information automatically into their default messaging app. Obviously, you’ll want to be cautious of who you’re linking the card with.  In terms of pricing, the classic white card is the least expensive option at $12, with prices increasing depending on other color options and finishes. There are no hidden subscriptions or usage fees after you purchase the card, which is refreshing.  These cards make for excellent stocking stuffers or gifts for anyone in the labor force, regardless of age. To make the gift even more sentimental and personal, you can even add a custom logo.