We’ve found an online reader that makes it easy to edit, annotate and share articles. It’s a theater-style in-browser article reader that improves your focus and retention rate as you browse each piece. The premise is simple: if you can’t remember things you read, you don’t stand to gain value from your work, studies, or even things you read for fun. Here’s how you can get started with this free online reading tool.

What is Smort.io?

Smort.io is the perfect way to curate your feed, paring articles down and saving the most important, interesting, or exciting takeaways. All within a system that makes accessing these tidbits later so much easier. Once you’ve got everything up and running, you’ll be introduced to Smort’s most helpful feature: a dark mode article reader, which removes things like ads, videos, and other distracting media. You’re left with only the body of the story. Once you try it, you’ll agree that it is a game-changer. RELATED: Simple editing tricks for your social media posts Using Smort.io is super simple:

Choose any article online to read.Add the string “smort.io/” right before the live article’s URL. (NOTE: It looks like this: smort.io/https:/www.komando.com/social-media/twitter-shares-your-location/839048).Hit enter after adding the string and you’ll see the article in the Smort reader.Enjoy a serene and thought-provoking reader experience with in-line annotations, highlighting, and other helpful formatting options.

Everything about this display can be adjusted to your preference. Font size, font style, and whether or not your reader is in dark or light mode are all totally up to you. You can also use the app’s bookmarklet, available on the site, to instantly use it with any article with a single click. After you’ve edited the article in some way, there’s also a link-sharing feature that allows you to send the article to a friend, colleague or anyone you choose, complete with all of your mark-ups, annotations and omissions. The iOS version is good for anybody who likes to read on their iPhone or iPad at the end of the day. It puts the entire system in the palm of your hand. This online reader makes every article a pleasure to read, and you’ll never have to worry about a distracting ad or video steering you off-course again. The Smort reader is free to use, and the team behind it promises additional features in the future, including a browser extension. You may also like: How to find thousands of free eBooks aside from the library