It’s never a bad time to gather with family or friends to watch an entertaining movie or a thrilling sports event. But sometimes, watching the big game week after week at home can get old, so you might want to take the experience outside to add some balance to your weekly binges. And what better way to bring that enjoyment into the wild than with a portable projector? If you’re looking for an option that won’t break the bank, consider the Wewatch Vision V30 SE. This portable HD projector outputs a crisp image and can connect to your devices via WiFi, providing plenty of outdoor entertainment options. Usually sold for $199, you can bring family TV night on the go for only $121.99. Delivering true full HD resolution and a massive 120-inch projection, the Wewatch Vision V30 SE outputs to 1,080p and can even provide a 4K image if you focus the projection close enough to a surface. The result is a high-quality, clear, and sharp presentation that easily surpasses any 720p projector. Users can easily adjust video brightness and balance, while Airplay and Miracast support allow for multi-platform streaming via WiFi. Splashproof and equipped with a cooling fan, you shouldn’t have to worry about accidental spills or overheating, cutting your watch time short. Weighing less than three pounds, this projector is a manageable addition to your family’s next travel itinerary, and it’s a great way to take camping trips to another level. Of course, setting it up in the backyard is another popular option, allowing viewers to experience entertainment and nature simultaneously. If you need a projector for professional use, you can even slip the Vision V30 SE into your travel bag for on-the-go presentations. With the Wewatch Vision V30 SE, you can bring your shared time with family and friends beyond the living room. You can purchase this portable mini HD projector for only $121.99, down from $199.