It was the well-known Pangu Lab, a team of researchers well known for its jailbreak tools, which has just unveiled ZipperDown, a vulnerability that affects thousands of iOS apps.

ZipperDown and its impact on iOS

According to Pangu Labs analysis, ZipperDown is based on a programming flaw that most iOS apps have. From what they’ve learned, and in an analysis of 168,951 iOS apps, 15,978 of them, about 10%, have the present vulnerability. ZipperDown allows user data to be rewritten and the unauthorized code is run on the devices. Even though it was a serious flaw, Pangu Labs made it known that iOS sandbox engines, implemented by the tech giant Apple, that can minimize the problem.

For now, ZipperDown will not be revealed in its entirety, given its size and the many affected apps, and application developers should contact Pangu Labs to be informed about the failure and how to mitigate it.

Will Android be immune to ZipperDown?

According to Pangu Labs, this fault will also be present in Android, but on a scale that they think is smaller. This strand has yet to be evaluated in greater detail and soon it is expected to news about ZipperDown on Android. In addition to the many apps where ZipperDown is present, the problem increases exponentially because they are used by many thousands of users and have been found in many of the most used iOS. Pangu Labs will in the near future give more information and reveal how this vulnerability was created. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.