If you are familiar with the satisfying feeling of sliding the last piece into a jigsaw puzzle, imagine how much more exciting it would be knowing you might win $1 million by completing it. That’s exactly what you can experience with The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle. Best of all, you can get it for just $24.99 during our Deal Days sale — no coupon necessary! MSCHF, who brought you The One Million Dollar Puzzle, is bringing you another chance for a big win. You just have to complete this 500-piece puzzle for a shot at winning up to $1 million. Best of all, no one is a loser! You’re guaranteed to win at least $1, but you might win even more! While only two out of many puzzles will contain million-dollar payouts, you might still win enough to pick up a stylus for your tablet, a smartwatch, or even come some of your long-term financial goals. Moreover, customers loved the puzzle, rating it 4.5 out of 5 in our store. As verified purchaser Linda L. shared, “Who doesn’t love a chance to win a million dollars? … Several purchased as gifts!” Here’s how it works. After completing the jigsaw puzzle, you’ll see be treated to a huge QR code. Simply scan it with a QR reader, which you probably already have on your phone. No matter what you’ve won, you will receive a digital check at the same email address used to order the puzzle within one to four days. You could also have a printed check sent by regular mail if you like, and it will be delivered within a week or two.