There is also an option available simply to pay the attacker to unlock your files, but this is not advisable since there is no guarantee that it will unlock the contents of your computer, as to receive more money it may even ask for more. As already mentioned, the ransomware usually asks for money in return for decrypting files from your computer. Now, the last ransomware that is circulating on the web has been named as “Popcorn Time Ransomware” and adds a mode that might call ‘Free-To-Play’, such as games with micropayments. In this case, the attacker simply gives you the option to pay for decoding the computer or also allows you to infect other computers in exchange for the key to unlock your own system. Yes, it means if you infect others then you will get the decryption key for free. This ransomware uses similar to other popular ransomware threats as Crysis or TeslaCrypt does, seeking certain types of files to encrypt them in exchange for returning access to the system. The option that adds Popcorn Time, it simply as the victim to pay 1 Bitcoin which is about 750 dollars within seven days. And not only that if the victim will not pay the ransom amount within the given time duration then the decryption key will be permanently deleted and recovering all the important files will become impossible. However, currently this ransomware is incomplete at the moment, and experts indicated that if the victim enters the decryption code 4 times wrong then simply it will start deleting all the locked files. When run, the ransomware Popcorn Time displays an image that simulates the installation of the program, but what it actually does in the background is to encrypt the computer using AES-256 to create new files with endings ‘.filock ‘o’. kok’. Once it finishes encrypting the files, then create an instruction file in HTML as ransom note with instructions to retrieve them. Being incomplete, Popcorn Time can still add more features and can be even more dangerous.