Leaving private data on exposed AWS servers is not as weird as we might think. Security researchers and cybercriminals can access this data easily using the right tools. To further facilitate this process, some developers have created this tool called BuckHacker, which allows to search for exposed servers. The anonymous developers of this tool indicate that their goal is to increase the security associated with repositories and code projects. They claim that there are many companies that were hit by having wrong permits. This search engine allows you to search for pirated servers using the name of the file. In addition, it also returns the entries labelled “Access Denied” and “The specified deposit does not exist”. The results are stored in a database, which can then be searched by other users. According to the developers, the project is currently in the early stages of development and is quite unstable.

Advantages and disadvantages of a server

More and more users are choosing to save their data on servers. The advantages are many, although there may also be disadvantages. As for advantages, we have the possibility to access this data from any device and from any place. Everything is in the cloud. We also avoid having our computer full of physical hard drives. It is very useful for certain situations such as during a trip and we need to upload our photos and videos somewhere and keep them safe. We have, therefore, greater freedom in this regard. However, there are problems, as in almost everything. One of them is security, as we mentioned in this article. Servers may suffer vulnerabilities that may expose our data. It can suffer attacks with some type of malware, for example. Another drawback is that we need to have an Internet connection simply to access the files. Hence, without the Internet connection, it would be impossible. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.