The Hover Camera is a “drone” which is equipped with a composition and functions that allow it to fly, and take pictures with interesting and amusing angles, as the Hover Camera is dedicated to all the fans who are selfie addicts and Zero Zero Robotics promises to facilitate the user experience as much as pushing a button on your smartphone. The device has an auto-pilot mode, with face recognition and body to follow anyone and the camera of 13 megapixels shoot up to 4K videos, but the great thing is its carbon fiber body, which makes the device or drone much as a portable gadget. The drone weighs 238 grams which is not only light but more importantly the heap occupies the same space as a VHS cassette occupies, hence, it allows the safe handling during the flight, and ensure the best image stability. Moreover, it includes a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, accelerometer, gyroscope as well as a speed and position sensors, along with all this it enables this camera as a monitoring system which relies on facial and body recognition as we mentioned earlier, which can be activated from a smartphone and also serves command.

The device does not have any specific release date and the creators are still refining the details, but the suggested retail price of the drone has hovered around $600 dollars , Yes sounds little expensive.

Key Specifications and features of the device:-

The device has 13MP Camera which captures awesome photos and can shoot 4K video. The device also offers 360 videos. The device has 32GB of storage. Hovers automatically. Auto face detection. The device has auto-steadying feature. The device has lightweight carbon fiber body.