Volterman smart wallet offers a lot more than what your standard wallet does. Imagine having a spy camera built-in to your wallet? Or maybe a power bank for charging your phone? And what if it had a portable WiFi hotspot to meet your surfing needs? Well, Volterman has it all. It is currently listed on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. The wallet has exceeded its funding goal of a meager $45,000 by a whopping 1,465 percent (at the time of publishing) with still seven days at hand. From the outside, the Volterman smart wallet looks like just another ordinary wallet. It’s made out of leather and comes in either a bi-fold, passport cover, card holder or a travel format. That said, Volterman isn’t really about what it feels from outside. Rather it’s all about what it has on the inside.

The Volterman smart wallet comes with various security measures. The start-up understands that your wallet contains not just your money, but also valuable items like debit/credit cards, id proof, etc. And it goes without saying that each one of us out there has once or twice forgotten our wallet at some place or the other, and then returned to collect it. Sometimes, we may totally forget about the wallet, thereby, resulting in undue losses. In order to prevent this, the Volterman smart wallet uses a Bluetooth 5.0 based distance alarm which rings just in case you forget your wallet at a coffee shop or at the metro Volterman has also included GPS tracking facility in the wallet. This would aid you in tracking your wallet in case pickpocketing. Furthermore, its built-in camera is capable of capturing the photo of the thief. The 4MP spy camera is however activated only if you mark your wallet into Lost Mode using the Volterman app. The image is captured as soon as a person flips open the bi-fold wallet. Besides, Volterman smart wallet features a built-in power bank. The wallet packs a cell ranging between 2,000mAh to 5,000mAH depending on the variant of the wallet. Volterman seems to have done an impeccable job of hiding the cell inside the wallet without adding additional bulk in the prototype wallet. The wallet can charge your phone either wireless or by using a proprietary connector that comes bundled along with it. The Volterman smart wallet also come with an international WiFi hotspot that promises you internet at one third the price of roaming rates.

Volterman claims that it will start shipping its wallet to Indiegogo backers by the end of December. The bi-fold smart wallet will set up back $238 post launch. You can, however, book it on Indiegogo at just $145.