Today we are going to tell you something that you don’t see every day. Recently a six-year-old iPhone 4S which had its screen broken was spotted selling on eBay at the price of $149,999. The phone might not be showing on eBay because there are high chances eBay might have removed the product. Well, you all might be thinking what’s special about it? The reason behind such huge price tag was because the phone’s back panel pays homage to Apple’s co-founder, the late Steve Jobs. The seller claimed that “1 of only 56 phones made to honor the late Steve Jobs.” The back panel of the iPhone 4S reads “Steve Jobs 1955-2011, ” and if you look at the Apple logo on the back panel of the handset up for sale, you will see the different logo. You will see a modified logo which Jonathan Mak designed as a tribute to Steve Jobs after his death. The design went viral in no time, and many companies have started to produce unlicensed accessories that carried a similar design. The modified logo was also used by Godgenie company which is known to manufacture special edition of iPhone 4S with the same design. However, the company only made 56 of these devices. So, now the question is whether the phone that was up for sale was the Goldgenie made? Well, that was not! Goldgenie iPhones had gold back panel instead of the transparent glass panel. So, the phone up for sale on eBay was probably the ‘Fake Limited Edition.’ So, what do you think about this? Share your views in the comment section below.