A few weeks ago I looked at the inCharge X, a portable charging cable with six charging options and support for 100W USB-C power transfer and Apple’s 18W fast charge. This is small enough to clip onto your keyring so you always have a charging cable with you. The inCharge XL builds on this in one small, but very useful way. It comes with longer cable options! inCharge XL cables come in 3 different lengths: 

30cm (0,9ft)200cm (6.5ft)300cm (6.5ft) 

These are available in three different colors: black, yellow and white.  As far as connections go, you get the same connectors and power carrying capacities with the inCharge XL as the inCharge X offered: On top of this, the cable supports data transfer speeds of 480 Mbps and 60 Mbps, depending on whether you’re using USB-A or USB-C. Protecting the connectors is a cap that is attached to the cable, which means that you can lose it – a nice touch (because otherwise I’d lose the cap within minutes!). The longer length of flat ribbon cable allows me to take a closer look at this.  The cable is high quality, very abrasion resistant, yet soft and flexible. I’d expected it to be quite stiff and unyielding, but it’s not. It doesn’t flow as well as say Anker’s PowerLine III Flow cables, but it’s still quite flexible.  I have yet to get these cables into a tangle, and that’s saying something. The longer inCharge XL cables come with a little plastic clamp with a reusable sticky pad to help with routing and cable management. A nice touch! If you want to take thee cables out and about with you, the longer of the two come with silicone sleeves. I like that the cables come in eco packaging – just cardboard. No plastic to get rid of.  A lot of cables claim to bring something new to the table, and in my experience, most are little more than disappointing gimmicks. The inCharge XL actually delivers on what it promises, offering a true “Swiss Army Knife” of cables where one cable can replaces a whole bunch of your existing cables.