Newsweek’s inaugural list assesses small, medium and large companies to determine employee satisfaction and sentiment towards their bosses, as opposed to just salaries and workplace benefits. Working with the Florida-based Best Practice Institute (BPI), Newsweek surveyed more than 1.4 million employees at some 450 companies, the top 100 of which were then selected based on their commitment to collaboration and teamwork, opportunities for advancement, and company ethics. Also: Want to work fewer hours but get more done? This could be the answer    Dell’s penchant for flexible work was credited as a big contributor to it clinching the top spot. According to Dell, over 90% of its employees have the option to work remotely. They also have the option of working from anywhere in the world for 29 days each year. The PC company was also praised for its workplace culture, with employees reporting high levels of job satisfaction and agreeing that bosses valued their feedback and readily meet their needs.  According to the company’s vice president, Daniel Mott, it is the company’s flexibility and commitment to upskilling that enables Dell to hire and retain highly skilled staff. Most management positions are filled internally, and over 35,000 employees took on a new role within the company during the past year.   Employees also praised Dell for its accountability. In response to workplace discrimination allegations, Dell introduced a “cultivate inclusion” initiative that would last 10 years and pledged to make more opportunities for women and racial minorities. Other tech companies in the top 10 included Zebra Technologies (#42), Strava (#45), Palo Alto Networks (#49), and Cloudflare (#55).