A Tesla owner, however, seems to have found a more reliable and cheap power source for his mining rig, yes the Tesla itself. The owner has built a setup for GPU’s and is using the free energy that comes with the Supercharge network. Needless to say many have questioned the use of free electric energy for anything else apart from transportation. Apparently, the Tesla Model S owner is sourcing the 2.8kW of power from the Model S battery. This also means that he can virtually mine the coins for free since both the Tesla S and the Model X come with the free Supercharging program.

That being said the mining rig is most likely to cause battery troubles for the Tesla for long distances. Moreover, genuine concerns about the thermal management also arise. Setting all of that aside the Tesla rig can probably be used to mine a currency like Ethereum which could end up making $500 per month and equal the monthly lease for a Tesla Model S. It is not unusual for Cryptominers to use an alternate source of energy, for instance in China miners uses hydro energy which drastically brings down the operating cost. In this case, the Tesla is used to mine currency other than bitcoin since the rig doesn’t feature an ASIC chip. Apparently, four GPU’s are connected to one motherboard and the entire setup is made up of four motherboards in total.