However, recently a startup company announced the launch of a device that will allow you to establish communication from your Smartphone without needing coverage or the Internet. Yes, today we will talk about Sonnet, a device to communicate from our smartphone without coverage or Internet access. Its name is Sonnet, and according to what its creators say, will allow you to use your phone to send voice recordings, instant messages, GPS locations, and images, even in situations where we do not have coverage or access to an Internet connection. Something that until now it was unthinkable.

But, the question arises here that “How it is POSSIBLE”?

To function, Sonnet communicates remotely with other Sonnet devices through the popular technology of walkie-talkies, so if you need to communicate with someone then it will be necessary for the person with whom you want to talk to have the same unit of this device, of course, Sonnet. Specifically, Sonnet users can separate up to 5 kilometers to achieve effective communication. So far, the reception of the system has been quite positive and high. In fact, with no more than a month left to close the campaign, its creators have raised more than $30,564 of the $17,000 needed to fund the project.

But, now many of you might be thinking that “What about the price”?

Yes, if we talk about its price then the Sonnet creators said that this awesome device “Sonnet” will be marketed in two-pack packages, with a cost per pack of $ 89, and will be available by this year November 2017. Now let’s have a look at the key features of this device:-

Sonnet lets you stay in touch with your friends when you are out hiking. Sonnet lets you find your way when you are lost in the wilderness. Sonnet lets you save one the roaming charges when you are traveling abroad. Sonnet lets you share your selfies with your friends no matter where you are. Sonnet lets you reach your friends no matter how congested the network is. Sonnet lets you call out for help when you are in need. Sonnet lets you tell your friends and family that you are okay even when the weather is not.

So, what do you think about this? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.