The next version of Android includes added security features, and one tells you if your email address is part of a leak on the Dark Web. Tap or click here to set up this Android privacy feature before you need to use it. But if apps and services are taking privacy more seriously, shouldn’t you? That is exactly why the tool we’re about to detail was developed. To make sure that your personal information isn’t shared with third-party advertisers. The app locks down your permissions and data settings.

Here’s how it works

Online Permissions Technologies developed MyPermissions, and its sole aim is to protect your personal information and help you “take control of your privacy.” After the free application has been downloaded, it scans your apps and social media networks for unnecessary plug-ins or permissions. RELATED: Privacy how-to: 3 things to look for when choosing a VPN Playing games through Facebook can expose your data to advertisers and other apps can collect information that isn’t necessary for regular operations. MyPermissions puts a stop to that. Apps and services that MyPermissions scans include:


After scanning your app library, it tells you which apps have access to personal information and lists the data available to them. Through this, you can make an informed decision about which apps pose a security risk.

Can you trust them?

That is a question that MyPermissions no doubt has had to answer many times. Relaying any fears that your data might be exposed to their servers, the company doesn’t store any information. RELATED: This invite-only social media alternative has some serious privacy concerns “We do not save any personally identifiable information, nor do we save your credentials or passwords. We do not store IP addresses and we cannot and do not track, see, or save your web browsing,” MyPermissions’ developers explain. The app only scans the permissions of connected apps and social media networks. “Only once logged in will MyPermissions be able to analyze which apps have access to your information. MyPermissions does not, and cannot, store your credentials whatsoever,” it added. The free Android app is available in the Google Play store, while the free iOS app is available in the Apple App Store. Here’s how to set it up:

Download the app for your mobile device.Connect apps you want to be reviewed.Once connected, the app will scan permissions.The app’s rating will vary from green, yellow or red.Tap on an app to see what information it gathers.Depending on the app, you can tap on Uninstall to delete it or tap Trust.