Every year, Google traditionally releases a list of the most searched terms on its search engine through “Year in Search.” It’s always refreshing to sit back and look at the moments, people, and trends, among other topics, that came into the spotlight for that year. Google has released all the top trending searches with a list of the most searched words worldwide this year.

It may surprise you, or maybe you saw this coming: the most searched word on Google in 2022 was “Wordle” – both globally and in the US. In this game, players must figure out the five-letter word of the day within six tries. On November 1st, 2021, there were only 90 players, but today, more than a million people play Wordle daily. This explains why it topped the list of trending words for this year.

Most Searched Word on Google in 2022

The rest of the top searches are about trending news, people, movies, tv shows, and more. The keyword “Ukraine” was searched the most in the popular news list, followed by “Queen Elizabeth passing.” Coming to the most searched people, Johnny Depp, Will Smith, Amber Heard, Vladimir Putin, and Chris Rock were the top 5 trending people, respectively. In the movie department, Thore: Love and Thunder sits at the number one spot, followed by Black Adam. Next, the top five movie list includes Top Gun: Maverick at number three, followed by The Batman at number four. Last on the list is Encanto. Lastly, in the tv show section, Euphoria grabs the top spot, closely followed by House of the Dragon. The list also saw Moon Knight bag the number three spot, The Watcher sitting at number four, and Inventing Anna at number five. You can check out the other most searched topics in the world at Google Trends.