When looking for stress solutions and ways to improve your rest, you might not think of a wearable. They’re typically associated with tracking your health rather than doing anything to specifically influence it. The Apollo wearable changes that, however, by using touch therapy to help people wearing it get better sleep, let go of stress easier, and attain a more healthy work-life balance.  Sending quiet, relaxing vibrations into your body, this innovative piece of technology creates a conversation with your nervous system. Have you ever been laying in bed, trying to sleep, but are unable to because your heart is still racing from an intense experience you had that day? Have you wanted to ask your body to just let it go? In a less verbose way, the Apollo wearable can help you do that.  Buy an Apollo wearable and see where you land amongst the happy users who have reported major improvements since getting their own. A number of studies have shown users report a 25% boost in focus and concentration on average. They’ve shown, on average, a 10% increase in heart rate variability (HRV), and a remarkable 40% decrease in feelings of anxiety and stress. These stellar results have helped the wearable earn an average of 4.6/5 stars from over 1,100 reviews on its website.  When you get your Apollo wearable, you can end up like one of the many users who leave a full, five-star review. One great example is Geoffrey W., an American buyer who wrote, “Love this! Was skeptical about buying this, but so far it has done nothing but shown improvements with all aspects of my health! Am gonna continue using it regularly.”  Find out how it can help you let go and recharge for another day. Check out Apollo’s expanded range of colorways and take control of your stress.