Actually, we are yet to enter into an era where smartphones are entirely secure and free from hackers. However, that time is yet to come and recently a security researcher had managed to do something extraordinary. A few months ago, we have seen a Telegu character started crashing iPhones around the world and now a security researcher seems to have found a new way to crash any iPhone. However, this time, it was not just iPhones, but iPads, Mac, and Safari is also vulnerable to a few lines of codes. Recently, a security researcher known as Sabri Haddouche created a website, clicking the link of which will crash and restart the iPhone. Even the link could hang MAC devices for some time.

— Sabri (@pwnsdx) September 15, 2019 The proof-of-concept was created by the security researcher using just 15-lines of code. Sabri Haddouche said that the lines of codes exploit a weakness in the web browsing engine WebKit. What’s worst is that the WebKit is mandated by all apps and browsers used across all Apple’s product. So, even if anyone sends the link through Facebook, Twitter, Email, it will temporarily hang devices. According to Haddouche, this is done by performing a kernel panic by using several elements such as tags in CSS, which shuts down the device to prevent any further damage. But, there’s no need to worry about any data breach since it’s not malicious, it’s just annoying. So, if someone sends you the link and if you click on it, your iPhone will restart. Therefore, its an annoying bug with no significant consequences. However, Apple is looking to fix the bug, and it will be fixed eventually. If you want to pull out the iPhone restart prank on your friend, then this tweet might help you.

Source: IF YOU WANT TO TRY (DON’T BLAME ME IF YOU CLICK) : — Sabri (@pwnsdx) September 15, 2019 So, what’s your opinion on this? Share your views in the comment box below.