Therefore, it’s more crucial than ever that before investing in an Apple device, you research well and find the cheapest deal even if that means calling up that cousin you haven’t talked to in years. A website called The Mac Index wants to alleviate at least a portion of this process and it’s doing so by compiling pricing of all Apple products (including a few accessories) across the globe. The Mac Index essentially lists prices of each and every Apple device in different countries and lets you easily compare them in low-to-high order. All you need to do is search the product you’re interested along with the storage option and the website will show you where its cost is the lowest. In addition, it displays if there any additional strings like tax attached and what the price would be in your currency. Plus, it features a responsive design and can be effortlessly navigated despite the presence of so many numbers and data. For the majority of major Apple products, as per The Mac Index numbers, it seems like Canada has the most affordable rates followed by Australia and China. For instance, the base MacBook Air (2018) costs about $1,133 US dollars in Canada but in India, it starts at Rs 1,09,900 — an astonishing Rs 30,000 ($420) difference. The Mac Index itself is free to use and whether you’re planning to buy Apple’s latest computer or keyboard, do make sure to check it. The Mac Index Link