Well, Mystery Search is a search engine, or you can say Mystery search is the hilarious alternate search engine you never knew you needed. It looks like Google search engine but with a dark background. It also displays search results but with a twist. Whenever you type something in the search box in Mystery search you will be landed to a Google page, but not for something that you searched. Mystery search will show you results for something that the previous person had searched for. Isn’t it funny? This service will never show you results for what you’ll search. Instead, it will show up the result for something that the last person before you using the service typed in and hit enter. But before you try this service let me tell you that there aren’t any children nearby you because as we already mentioned this will never give your results for what you have searched for. The Mystery search service can be used to pass your spare time and have a few laughs looking at what people before you have searched for. On the other hand, you can even learn something you weren’t aware of. So, what do you think about Mystery search? Share your views in the comment box below.