Donald Trump tweets are inspiring!

The genius behind this unique tool is known as Darby_Cash, who has published his invention on Reddit. This new tool that has been created by Darby_Cash, simply takes the different tweets of the president of the United States, of course, Donal Trump, and then select them according to their metric and converts them into art in words. The truth is that most of the time, they are meaningless messages, but Reddit users have managed to collect some of the best. Below, a couple of examples are mentioned, and we will advise you to read those. “Why repeat the same mistake? Many US jobs are at stake. Negotiation is an art. They must be tough and smart. In your planning, know how much risk you can take.” The following, in particular, has a rather pleasant rhythm. “Joe should call in sick for the VP debate. Obama has been horrible, I will be great. Be positive and strong. They were all wrong. Scrape and paint before it’s too late.”

However, apart from all these things, this unique website will simply give you a new poem everytime you click the ‘generate’ button. To see where the app pulled its motivation for the poetries from, you can click on each separate line to see the original tweet. So, what do you think about this Tool? What is the most touching poem this unique tool generated for you? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.