Today, everyone uses Facebook or other social networking sites. However, hitting the logout button after we are done using a computer is the most tiresome task, and we always neglect to hit that Logout button. Well, logging out of your account when you’re done using a computer other than your own is the just good security measure. If you have multiple accounts, then things can turn out to be more difficult. So, if you use multiple accounts and want to simplify the logout process. There Super Logout is the website which will help you. Super Logout can log you out of over 30 services at once. Before you visit Super Logout, let me warn you that once you visit the website, it will instantly log you out from almost all your online account. It doesn’t need any click button like “Click To Logout,” only visiting the site will make you log out of almost all the major online services. The developer of Superlogout hasn’t included Facebook due to some reasons. However, you can make use of this site to log out of many sites at once. So, what do you think about this? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.