The Gadget OvRcharge is backed by around 159 people and already reached its goal of CAD 40,000 on Kickstarter. OvRcharge creator said “By combining the induction charging and magnetic levitation we got OvRcharge. A wireless levitational charger, that not only suspend the device in the mid air and holds its altitude, but also charge and rotate it as well” OvRcharge is simply a wooden box which holds magnetic levitation and a wireless charging technology inside. The most interesting thing about  this is that, it will also work on smartphones that are not compatible with the wireless charging feature. Buyers simply need to buy a wireless charging case along with the levitation magnet. The company claims that “Charging base is the thing behind all the science, it is made of wood and has two functions Magnetic levitation and wireless charging. This unit is powerful enough to levitate 600 Grams unit and charge it”. OvRcharge automatically stops charging the phone once the battery is full “OvRcharge stops charging the phone when the battery is full but still levitate and rotate the device until it is removed. You can use it to charge your phone or just to float it”. The OvRcharge levitating base comes in two colors, Dark walnut, and cherry. The initial booking is already sold out. You can buy the levitating wireless charger for $239.