What if we all speak about all these implants a few years ago then I bet at that time it had been considered as bizarre experiences, today there are already many humans who feel authentic “Jedis”. There are already many devices available on the market and their prices are ranging from $50 to $150. Let us know a case of a young man who already feels a true Jedi. A 27-year-old Australian girl, Shanti Korporaal, who like many people in the world, grew up watching and dreaming of the adventures of the Star Wars universe. Australia is considered one of the most important countries in relation to the public of these adventures. However, the young lady, Shanti Korporaal, keeps track of the earnest way to the saga, always dreamed of having “some kind of Jedi power”. It was the discovery of biohacking the world where she found the door to her dream.

27-year-old Australian girl, Shanti Korporaal studied and learned for several months about the biohacking procedures that have reached their country, after reading a lot about this type of technology that is already quite popular in the United States, she decided something positive. Thus, after studying several cases of success, she decided to deploy a pair of chips, an NFC and the other one is RFID. Each was installed in a hand and are programmed to perform different tasks in your company as well as allowing you a unique gameplay experience in the real world as if to control the elements in the same way that Luke Skywalker would control its ship, simply you just have to have sensors.

RFID was scheduled to open doors and make payments in some places, while the NFC will have the health and contact data. These chips are the size of a grain or rice and they will be installed or implanted by means of a syringe between the index finger and thumb, this “installation kit” can be purchased online and with this facility buyer can perform the implantation process by their own. On the web, on special websites, already the kits are available for about $50 and some sites even offer “surgical” procedure with anesthesia. Note that this procedure is not regulated by any health institution in the world, but so far no case has been reported with any side effects in the human body or no any occurrence that has put someone’s life in danger. She says that her life has changed and this technology will bring you some of the power of Jedi, also added that to have a very easy day-to-day life, it is the best tip.