Over the weekend, developer rovo89 released the first alpha build of Xposed framework for Android 5.0 Lollipop that opened the gates for developers to start creating new modules that enhanced existing features or fixed any issues with the latest version of Android.  A new module created by developer MohammedAG does just that by removing the Heads Up notification from Lollipop and instead restoring the notification ticker from KitKat. When done right, Heads Up notifications are extremely useful as they allow you to view the contents of a notification even when you are using a full screen app without interrupting your workflow. However, Google has implemented them poorly in Lollipop with notifications completely disappearing from the notification bar if a user dismisses their Heads Up notification. Thankfully, this Xposed module completely removes Heads Up notifications in favor of the notification ticker that we have all grown accustomed to since the early days of Android. The module automatically works with all apps, including the ones that have been updated for Lollipop, and does not require any other configuration or setup from the user after it has been installed and enabled by them. Download: Restore notification ticker on Lollipop