Now, another list of recalled vehicles has been issued. Two of the problems can cause severe injuries if left uncorrected. Keep reading to see the list of vehicles that have been included in three separate recalls, and what you need to do to fix the problems.

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E

There are two problems with Ford’s first all-electric crossover, and both are equally urgent. The first issue is related to the windshield that “may not have been properly bonded to the vehicle.” Under certain circumstances, the unthinkable could happen where the windshield detaches from the vehicle. Since this can happen, Ford explains that the Mach-E no longer complies with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard number 212. The second issue is also related to the bonding material used, but for the panoramic roof glass panel. In the recall notice, Ford said that the bonding might not have been applied properly, and that can cause the panoramic roof to detach. Again, that means the roof could fly off while you are driving. For both recall notices, Ford Mach-E owners should take their vehicles to a Ford dealer. The dealership will remove and reinstall the windshield free of charge. The dealer will also apply additional urethane adhesive, free of charge to the panoramic roof.

Kia Sedona

The recall affecting Kia Sedona minivans is no laughing matter. In a recall that spans almost 90,000 vehicles, it has been found that the wrong turning signal light can come on when indicating a change of direction. According to Consumer Reports, the problem is with electrical components that light up the signal when activated through the turning stalk. While there is no danger to the vehicle itself, it could cause a serious accident. The vehicles in this recall are 2005 to 2007 Kai Sedona minivans. If you own one of these, you should take it to a Kia dealership, where they will perform a free software update.

Hyundai Sonata Hybrid and Tucson

Besides the windshields from Ford Mach-E flying off, the recall from Hyundai is the most severe of the three. The recall spans more than 95,000 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid sedans and Tucson SUVs made in 2017. A flaw has been detected, which could lead to the vehicle’s engine stalling or catching fire. Consumer Reports explained that “the connecting rod bearings, which allow rotation for the piston to move in and out of the cylinder, could prematurely wear out in these vehicles’ engines.” The warning signs that your vehicle suffers from this problem include:

Knocking noise from the engineReduced power from the engineIllumination of the Check Engine warning lightIllumination of engine oil pressure warning lightA burning smell, oil leaking, and/or smoke

If the problem goes unaddressed, it could damage the engine to the point of causing an oil leak. With the engine’s heat, the leaking oil could catch fire and engulf the vehicle in flames. If you own a 2017 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid or Hyundai Tucson, take your vehicle to a Hyundai dealership. There they will inspect the engine for any signs of damage. If detected, the dealership will replace your engine free of charge. There is a simple way to check if your vehicle is part of a recall. By going to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s recall website, you can enter your vehicle’s VIN. If your vehicle is part of a recall, it will show up in the results.

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