In fact, ThredUp employs a team of fashion experts to go through all the clothes and approve them for sale. Clothing’s not all you can save money on, though. You can also find all sorts of shoes, purses and handbags on the site. Imagine getting a Coach bag that’s as good as new for a huge discount. If you don’t mind buying or selling clothes in poor condition, though, you can head to auction sites like eBay that have looser quality standards. Tap or click here for six online auction websites to try if you love buying and selling on eBay.

How to use ThredUp

If you have nice clothes you want to get rid of before updating your wardrobe, you can sell them on the site, too. ThredUP depends on people like you to collect its inventory. It’s easy to send in your old stuff to make a little extra cash. To get started, simply visit the homepage and sign up for an account with your email address. Then, you can search through all the categories by clicking what you want using the headers at the top of the page. There are headers for Women, Kids, Shoes, Handbags and X Collection. That’s the collection of clothes and accessories that thredUP recommends based on current styles and trends. Once you find something you like, you just add it to your cart and pay like you would with any other shopping site. ThredUP’s payment portal uses secure https encryption so your information is safe.

You can even connect your account to social media and earn a $10 credit for sharing with friends

If you’re interested in selling to thredUP, just click the sell button at the top of the page. ThredUP will send you a bag to fill with your old clothes. Then, you can drop the bag off with your postman or at a FedEx Store. It’s that easy. Once thredUP looks at your clothes, they’ll notify you about how much they’re worth – you can earn up to 80% of the original value. You can use the site’s item calculator to get an estimated value before you send. Don’t forget to look at thredUP’s Quality Standards before sending in your clothes.