Google’s success is causing some problems for people who live in San Francisco. Because Google is swimming in money, they pay their employees handsomely, thereby making the cost of living skyrocket, which puts normal middle class in an uncomfortable financial situation. As someone who has witnessed the gentrification of New York City first hand, I can sympathize. Anyway, the locals have started staging protests. You’ve probably heard about the private Google bus that had a brick thrown through the windshield. According to Ars.Technica, it’s just gotten a whole lot worse.

Anthony Levandowski isn’t a household name, but he’s one of the leads on the Google self-driving car project. Protestors calling themselves “counterforce” recently started stalking him. They’re even handing out flyers in his neighborhood to smear his name. Now I haven’t been to California in over a decade, but I can’t imagine that sky high rent prices would drive people to start acting like this. America is massive, and California is a huge state. Is moving really all that hard? Manhattan has already become a playground for rich people, which caused people to leave and bring culture to places like Portland, Austin, and Miami. The same sort of thing is going to happen to San Francisco, and there’s not much that the people can do. This isn’t 18th century Europe, where monarchs were killed because the people were starving. Fear and intimidation worked back then, but to think that they’s work today is just ludicrous.