TikTok BANNED! TikTok Removed From Google Play Store & Apple App Store

When companies cut the wings of service on the Internet, users know how to find the laps to take advantage of another in its place. And this is what seems to have happened with the well-known short music video maker app, of course, TikTok. In addition to fun music videos full of effects and video production resources, they also havee pornographic and illegal content in some countries. This is the case in India, where downloading the application above, I am talking about none other than TikTok, has been prohibited. Also Read: Google: Best Apps And Games Yes, the tech giant Google has recently removed the popular TikTok application from the Indian Play Store in compliance with a government order. However, for many activists, this action sets a dangerous example. And not only that, but even the tech giant Apple has also been ordered to remove this application, of course, TikTok from its app store in that country, of course, India, and plans to comply with the order by the end of the week. The Superior Court of Madras has ruled this after investigating and discovering the illegal contents of TikTok. According to the judicial body, the short music video application TikTok indirectly promotes pornography and other unlawful content. Hence, before this order, the Minister of Electronics and Information Technology of India requested both the tech giant Apple and the tech giant Google to remove the application from their respective stores, of course, App Store and Google Play Store. As the well-known short video app, TikTok has, in India alone, no less than 120 million active users, which places the country as one of the most used applications. Moreover, Bytedance is the owner of this well-known app and started having problems in the country a few weeks ago when Doan reporeportedppropriate content in the application, such as pornography. Also Read: Top 15 Amazing Apps To Enhance Music Experience on iPhone Hence, they then urged the government to block the download of the said application; of course, TikTok claiclaimed it screened pornography and simply ruined the future of teenagers and children. So, what do you think about this? Share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below. And if you liked this post, do not forget to share this post with your friends and family.