The idea behind Tilt is to enhance your smartphone experience while you work, as it allows your handset to be tilted so that it can be used in viewing or in a more productive angle. The stand is made from a high-quality aluminum body placed between two thermoplastic rubber end caps that provide non-slip/non-scratch contact points.

The unique shape of the stand enables you to keep your phone upright for viewing or tilted back 45 degrees for a comfortable angle while swiping and typing. Another great feature is that amost any smartphone/case combo fits, so you don’t have to worry about that any longer. In order to get one unit, you have to pledge at least $30, which is still 33% off retail; and for 30 USD more, you can also transform it into a charging stand. Tilt is made from subtly anodized aluminum is beautiful and comes in Charcoal/Black, Silver/Black, Silver/White, Rose Gold/White, and Gold/White with the estimated deliver set for January next year.