In a recent interview, the tech giant Apple’s CEO, of course, Tim Cook came out to show the new iPhones and justify the reason why their prices are high. Everything has now been explained by the tech giant Apple’s CEO. It was in an interview with Good Morning America on which the CEO of the tech giant Apple, of course, Tim Cook talked about the new iPhones and what the tech giant Apple calls the most evolved equipment they have ever created.

The reason for such a high iPhone price

Of course, the conversation eventually came to the topic of iPhone sales and the reason why it has a high price. The CEO of the tech giant Apple, of course, Tim Cook admitted that the prices of the new iPhones are high, but he ended up presenting a justification for this value. Here’s what the tech giant Apple’s CEO, of course, Tim Cook stated “The phone has replaced your digital camera. Do not use it separately. Replaced the camcorder. It replaced your music player. Replaced all these different devices. And so, no doubt, the product is really important. And we found that people want to have the most innovative product available and this is not cheap to do.” According to Tim Cook, of course, the CEO of the tech giant Apple, it’s the union of all its features and the equipment it replaces that make it more expensive. Of course, its innovation and what it brings back is also one of the important reasons.

Tim Cook does not know the prices of the new iPhones?

An unclear situation ended up happening in the interview and leaves some doubts about the information that Tim Cook has on the prices of the different iPhones and the plans that the company offers. Tim Cook noted that the monthly value of the iPhone Upgrade Program is around $30, when in fact this figure is close to $50. Moreover, the CEO of the tech giant Apple, of course, Tim Cook also added: “Even on the phone, it costs a thousand dollars, most people pay about $30 a month for it, which is about $1 a day.”

In fact, there is no value associated with the tech giant Apple’s trading program for new iPhones that comes close to $30. The values range from $37.41 for the iPhone XR to 64GB to $68.66 for the iPhone XS Max of 256GB. The reason that the tech giant Apple and its CEO, Tim Cook, justifies the high price at which it sells its equipment is well known. Of course, this may not be a reason that consumers understand, but the truth is that iPhone sales have been a success over the years. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.