Even though you have an Apple device, you may still use Google Calendar to keep track of appointments and other important meetings. Tap or click here for Google Calendar: 12 tips and tricks to get organized. Instead of trying to keep track of multiple calendars, why not combine them into one? Merging all your Google Calendar appointments and settings with your iOS device is easier than you think. Here is how to do it.

Sync Google with Apple Calendar

Google Calendar allows you to have multiple calendars on your account. Many people have separate calendars for work, personal, school or holidays to keep things neat and organized. RELATED: Have an event scheduled on your Google Calendar? It could be a scam If you want to sync everything into the Calendar app on your Apple device, here’s how:

Go to Google Calendar Sync Settings and sign in to your account.A list of options will appear under My Calendars. Check the boxes of the calendars you want to sync.When you are done, click on Save in the bottom right-hand corner.Open the Calendar app on your iPhone to make sure it synced correctly.

Google Calendar events in Apple

There is another way that you can make your Google Calendar events visible on Apple Calendar. That is done through the Calendar app on your Apple device and signing into your Google account.

On your iPhone or iPad, open Settings.Scroll down and tap Calendar.Tap Accounts and then Add Account.Select Google, enter your Gmail address and then Next.Enter your password.Tap Next.Select whether you want to sync your mail, contact, calendars and/or notes. If you only want your calendar, toggle the other selections off.Tap Save.

If set up correctly, you can open the Calendar app on your iPhone and you’ll find your Google Calendar events displayed. Keep in mind that Google email notifications won’t work for Apple Calendar, and you can’t create new Google Calendars from within Apple. RELATED: Sophisticated scam targets Gmail and Google Calendar users

Exporting your Google Calendar

After syncing your calendars, you may decide to stick with the Calendar app on your iPhone for everything you do from now on. You don’t have to worry about losing all your important dates from Google, as you can easily export them for use in Apple.

Open calendar.google.com on your computer.Click on the Settings cog.On the left-hand side, click on Import & Export.Under Export, select the calendar you want, and click Export.A zip file with your calendar will be downloaded to your desktop.Unzip the file by using WinRAR.On your Mac, open the Calendar app.Choose File and then Import.Navigate to the downloaded file, and then click Import.

Your imported data will now be visible on your Mac and your iPhone.