Until and unless fingerprint sensor becomes a commonplace in Android handsets, using a PIN or Pattern lock is the only way to secure your data from prying eyes. However, someone can easily shoulder surf your PIN or Pattern and access the data on your phone easily.  In comes TimePIN from Justin Case, who has played a key role in bringing root access to many devices, which changes the unlock PIN of your Android device to the current time. This means that every time you need to unlock your device, you will have to enter a different PIN, depending on the current time and modifier you use. This way it will be impossible for anyone to unlock your phone even if they knew the PIN of your device.

TimePIN also features different modifiers that change the PIN accordingly. Below is a list of all the modifiers and what they do -: TimePIN can be downloaded from free from the Play Store but only the Reverse modifier is free to use. The other three modifiers can be unlocked via a single in-app purchase of $1.99.