Google Voice Search in combination with Google Now is one powerful tool. Google has been steadily improving the service ever since it introduced the feature last year at Google I/O, with the latest update bringing conversational search support.  Apart from all the popularly listed commands, there are also a lot of hidden, unknown commands and easter eggs in Google Now/Voice actions. Reddit user BagelDave has managed to find one extremely useful Now command that will show you all your upcoming calendar entries. Saying “Show me my calendar”, “Show my upcoming events” or “Show me my calendar for xx date” will bring up a Google Now card with all your upcoming calendar entries. If you have set your voice input language as English (US), it will also read out the date, time and the title of the first calendar entry. There are quite a few variations of the above command that work as well including “Show me my calendar for day”, “Hey Google, My calendar”, “What’s on my agenda tomorrow” and more.