Of course, these few tasks are only the tip of the iceberg. Speaking of tips, tap or click here to reveal seven Apple Watch features you should be using. While an Apple Watch gets high marks for performance, its appearance is equally worthy of a big A+. Sleek, lightweight and the ability to be flashy or classy depending on the band you select, Apple Watches are easy on the eyes and simple to personalize. There is no doubt the Apple Watch is quite the attention-grabber; however, while you’re busy playing with apps and switching out its band, there’s one element you may forget: the watch face. It’s time you take advantage of this often forgotten display.

Not just a pretty face

Did you know you can customize your Apple Watch face? Simply select a design then adjust its colors and features. You can find a face that is both attractive and functional with the addition of widgets called complications, which we will cover later. Let’s take a look at a few unique displays, first. RELATED: Should you upgrade to the Apple Watch Series 5? If you want something to really grab attention, try Fire and Water or the Kaleidoscope watch faces. Fire and Water animate when you lift your wrist, while the latter is a mesmerizing, revolving pattern of shapes and colors. Disney fans can use Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse or “Toy Story” themes. Mickey and Minnie move their arms to indicate the hours and minutes, and their feet tap out the seconds. The “Toy Story” watch face has custom animations exclusive to Apple. Of course, it can’t always be fun and games. When it’s time to be practical, consider the Activity watch face to help you get moving and stay fit. Use it to see your activity, set timers and more. Modular boasts a digital time display along with a grid layout so you can add a variety of features. If you are into health and fitness, and you’re thinking about a new Apple Watch, you may be able to score rewards or discounts at your gym. Tap or click to learn how you can get paid for working out using an Apple Watch.

Quick setup

Whenever you wish to change your watch face, there are a couple of steps to remember. If you would like to view all available options, firmly press down on the display. Swipe until you find one you want, then tap it. To see faces in your collection, swipe across the watch face from edge to edge. Note: Not all watch faces are available in all regions. Options also may vary with OS version. To set up the Photos watch face, which shows a new photo every time you tap the display or lift your wrist, press the Digital Crown to go to the home screen. Tap the Photos app and select an image. Press the picture you want until you see the “create a new watch face” option displayed. To choose an image, your photos must be in your synced album. The Infograph watch face goes all out. Only available on Apple Watch Series 4 and later, this face can feature up to eight full-color complications and sub-dials. Because this option has several customizable features, its setup is best done using your iPhone. Launch the Watch app on your iPhone, locate the Infograph in the Face Gallery and tap it. You can select color, complications and what to display in each of the four sub-dials. Any adjustment(s) you make in complications and sub-dials will appear in the model at the top of the screen. When finished with customization, tap Add to save the watch face. Go to the My Watch tab » Infograph from your My Faces collection. Scroll down and tap Set as current Watch Face. RELATED: On Medicare? This plan will subsidize a new Apple Watch

It’s Complicated

Adding complications isn’t nearly as difficult as the name suggests. Plus, there are several free and paid complications, but a few of the most popular free ones include:

Audiobooks Calendar Heart Rate Messages Weather ConditionsRemindersMusicTimer

Third-party apps that support complications appear in your options by default, so to view your available complications via your iPhone, launch the Watch app and tap complications under the My Watch tab. A bit of customization is all it takes to transform your watch from an activity tracker to a fun accessory to a chic fashion choice. Don’t settle for the default display. Have fun with your device and look good doing it.