HTC released its flagship handset – the HTC One – earlier this year. Six months later, the One is still a fine handset by all means, except for its battery life. The One comes with a 2300mAh battery that should be enough to last you a day. However, compared to the likes of the LG G2, iPhone 5s and Note 3, the One can feel a bit lacking in the battery life department. HTC has kept on improving the battery life of the One via software updates, but there are always some tweaks and optimizations you can make to extract some more juice from your One’s battery life. The few tips below should greatly help in squeezing an additional 10-15% of battery life from your HTC One. If you are expecting anything more, I’d recommend you to sell your HTC One and buy an LG G2, or buy a portable battery pack for your device. Switch Off Blinkfeed HTC has been pushing Blinkfeed as one of the highlighted features of the One. While not for everyone, Blinkfeed definitely is a nice way to catch up with your friends and news in that spare few minutes that you manage to get while in a lift or while walking out of a mall. HTC has been consistently improving the Blinkfeed experience as well, adding additional news sources, offline reading support and Pocket integration.

However, Blinkfeed can be a bit taxing on your One’s battery as well. In my usage, I noticed an increase of at least 7-9% in battery life by simply switching off Blinkfeed on my HTC One. You can turn off Blinkfeed by pinching on the screen, and then tapping the Blinkfeed Off option at the top-left. This option, however, is only available for One owners who are running the Sense 5.5 update on their device. Turn Off Always On Wi-Fi scanning With the Android 4.3 update, HTC added the always-on Wi-Fi scanning feature on the One. While this helps apps in determining your accurate location, the hit on the battery life is pretty significant as well. You can turn off always on Wi-Fi scanning by going to Settings -> Wi-Fi, tapping the overflow menu button and selecting Advance settings. Turn On Power Saver mode HTC has included a Power Saver mode on the HTC One that automatically kicks in when the phone’s battery goes below 15%. In Power saving mode, the One’s display brightness is reduced, the frequency of the processor is lowered and haptic feedback is disabled etc.

The difference in battery life due to Power Saver mode on the One’s battery life is pretty significant. If your One has been struggling to make it through a day, the Power saver mode might just be what you need. I have managed to extract nearly 1.5 days of usage from my One when I use the power saver mode. The three tips above should help you in boosting the battery life of your One by at least 15% at the very minimum. Also, make sure that you are running the latest software version available for your device, since the One’s battery life has greatly improved via software updates from HTC since it was released.