Back in 2012, the Galaxy Note 2 set the benchmark in the battery life department for all Android phones to follow. The Note 3 this year is no different, with a beefy 3200mAH removable battery. While the jump in battery capacity compared to the Note 2 is only 100mAh, the Note 3 has a much more power efficient display and chipset which helps in offering it class leading battery life. However, you can always tweak a few settings to improve the battery life of a device and the Galaxy Note 3 is no different, especially with all that TouchWiz bloat. Below, we offer a few quick tips that should help in improving the battery life of the Note 3. Turn Off Auto Brightness – Auto brightness on Android phones is generally broken and the Galaxy Note 3 is no different. The display brightness will either be too low or too high depending on the lighting conditions, but never be perfect. So, it is always better to set the brightness level manually, or use an application like Lux from the Play Store. Lux provides a plethora of option to tweak your display’s brightness, and also allows you to link a certain brightness level with the light outside. Use Snapdragon Battery Guru – If you are using the N9005 variant of the Note 3, use Qualcomm’s own Snapdragon Battery Guru app to boost the battery life of your phablet. The app automatically manages your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth radios, CPU governor and clock speed etc. to improve battery life. Disable all the S-Apps – With every new Galaxy device, Samsung adds a plethora of new apps and services that are bordering on being called bloatware. The Galaxy Note 3 is no exception to this rule, and comes with a plethora of bloatware on the context of being dubbed as features. Apps and features like S-Planner, S-Memo, Action widget, S-Cloud etc. all run in the background that not only take precious resources, but also reduce battery life.

If you are not using most of the pre-loaded Samsung bloatware, head over to Settings -> Apps Manager and disable them to free up unneeded resources. Turn off unneeded gestures – The Note 3 comes with a plethora of gesture based features that keeps the sensors on the device unnecessarily active, thereby draining battery. If you are not using most of these gestures, head over to Settings -> Control to disable them. Turn off Voice wake up – Like the Moto X, the Galaxy Note 3 also has an always-on listening feature for voice commands. The problem is this useful feature is integrated with Samsung’s S-Voice and not Google Now, totally killing its usability.

Anyways, if you are not a fan of S-Voice, make sure to disable the ‘Wake up command’ and ‘Voice wake-up’ feature from the app settings to save some battery life. Turn off Push notifications from Samsung apps – Every Galaxy device comes with Samsung’s own app store adding to the total number of bloatware shipped with the device and features that a user is never going to use. Either ways, the Samsung Apps store constantly runs in the background and receives push notifications from Samsung’s server for certain new apps. Chances are you have never even used Samsung Apps, so turn off the push notification to save battery life. You can disable push notifications from the Settings menu of Samsung Apps. The above tips will help you in boosting the battery life of your Galaxy Note 3 by 15-20%. If you were expecting anything more, its time to buy yourself one of those aftermarket extended batteries that provide a huge jump in battery capacity. Also, if your Note 3 is giving abnormally poor battery life, do a hard reset. Sometimes, applications can go haywire in the background and constantly drain your phone’s battery. Do you have any other tip that helps you in boosting the battery life of your Note 3? If yes, do drop in a comment and let us know!