Only the other day I slammed one in a car door and broke it. Another got frayed from use. Another broke apart at the connector, probably because I pulled on it too much. Also: The perfect USB-C charging cable: Power meter included Oh, and there’s that one that broke because my car cradle forced the cable into a tight 90-degree bend and, well, it didn’t like that. For months now I’ve been seeing ads for the Titan Smart Cable by TitanPower+. And being the sucker for cables that I am, I bought a few – a USB-C to Lightning and USB-C to USB-C – and have been testing them. And testing them hard. Now, a few things drew me to the Titan Smart Cable. I like the look of the woven outer sheath. I liked the look of the right-angled connector. And I liked the LED on the end of the connector to show it’s plugged in. Oh yes, it also supports 2.4A fast charging, but since it’s a USB-C cable, I expected this anyway, and even cheap scabby cables can manage this. So, what are the cables like in real life? They’re good. Very good. The woven outer sheathing lives up to my expectations for abrasion and snag resistance. It’s tough, yet soft and flexible. It seems impervious to being dragged across sharp edges and resists dirt well. For a tough cable, the Titan Smart Cable bends and folds easily, so it can be slipped into a pocket for easy transport. The integrated rubber tie to keep it rolled up is a nice touch, and way better than the Velcro ties that a lot of companies use (this is annoying because it gets caught up in stuff and collects random detritus). I also really like the right-angled connector.
It’s a lot more compact than a regular connector, yet deep enough to fit smartphones and tablets that live inside a case. I have no problem using either the USB-C connector or the Lightning connector with devices in the thickest of cases I own. However, it’s worth noting that TitanPower+ claims that “some oversized cases, such as Lifeproof and Otterbox cases will not fit with our cable.” On the charging front, the cable delivers what you expect from a USB-C cable. Testing shows it can deliver a maximum power of 60W, which is pretty good for a smartphone or a tablet, but don’t expect it to carry 100W into a laptop. If you want a cable to carry 100W, you need to look elsewhere. The Titan Smart Cable comes in a variety of lengths – 1.5ft, 4ft, 6ft, and 10ft – and with a USB-C, Lightning, or microUSB connector and prices start at $14.75 (if you buy more than one cable you can get a discount). Overall, I like the Titan Smart Cables. They’re strong, well-made, and so far, have all the hallmarks of being a long-lasting design.
Titan Smart Cable is certainly up there as one of the best cables you can buy, especially considering the price of $14.75.