TiVo’s Android app now streams programming saved on your DVR. It also has added capabilities to serve as a hub for all your TiVo services, including controlling the TiVo box as well as showing cast information other details about the show you’re watching. The impact on you at home: This features gives TiVo a much-needed edge against cable satellite providers that have their own proprietary DVRs streaming services. Many of the apps from the large cable/satellite companies have limitations on what you can watch from their on-dem collection. The TiVo app is also designed to work as a remote, hling TiVo functions as well as transferring what you’re watching between your Android device your TV back again.

Another catch-up for Android users

The feature brings to Android what was already available in the company’s iOS app. Feature parity is an ongoing issue for Android apps—even among even many of the leading apps—as Android’s dominant marketshare must contend with a fragmented ecosystem a user base that frankly isn’t willing to spend as much money on apps as iOS users.