yne ekarski, a senior developer advocate with , urged developers to wait until creates an official A for custom watch faces in a post to the Android ar Developers + page. Several custom watch interfaces, such as Better ar Face Minimalist ar tch Face, have appeared in ay recently. They use a variety of workarounds to put the traditional hour second hs on an Android watch. However, ekarski indicated that doing this requires too many workarounds that could compromise watch performance battery life. After his announcement, the post was re-shared by Matias Duarte, ’s vice president of design. Duarte is largely responsible for ’s Material Design, a new design scheme to unify Android across phones, tablets, wearables, TV. In the post he said was working to make this functionality possible, but asked for patience from developers. “ are working to make this as simple as possible for you so that it’s easy to make good-looking faces that work well across multiple form factors, conserve battery, display the user’s card stream nicely. Some of these changes won’t be ready until we migrate Android ar to the Android release later this year, but don’t fret: they’re coming!” Neither Duarte nor ekarski indicated how many custom watch face apps were in ay. A search for “watch face” returned at least 20 different apps designed to place a custom face on an Android ar watch. Results varied depending on the search terms, so it is unclear exactly how many such applications are currently available in the ay Store.